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At ESolutions24x7, we follow the industry standard software development life cycle using a modified version based on Rational Unified Process and IEEE standards to meet the dynamics of remote development and management. ESolutions24x7 has executed large projects, using the agile development process, where the requirements are still evolving, and the team is an integral extension of the client’s team. Based on the approved requirements, our design teams devise the screens and business process flow to be implemented in the software.

Our production teams write the business logic and build the application. At each phase of the software development life cycle, traceability is ensured with the customer requirements with rigorous unit and module level testing. At the end, a user acceptance test is conducted to ensure that the software application meets all the stated and unstated customer requirements as per the project scope.

Key differentiators:

The key factor in software development is to understand customer requirements, effectively capture them and successfully translate them into the developed application. At the same time, proper project management with effective risk mitigation strategies is necessary in different stages of software development life cycle.

ESolutions24x7 has rich experience of developing software applications for global customers. In this process, we have developed elaborate and systematic strategies to address our customer’s requirements while minimizing the impact of risks in each phase of software development.

Our customers benefit from our vast experience in providing the essential software solutions with an efficient project management methodology. Our teamwork, in-house quality processes, project management and project execution methodologies ensure a long-lasting business relationship with our customers and enable to accomplish their business objectives.

ESolutions24x7 strength lies in offering a right mix of all the above key values. ESolutions24x7 has a stable core team of software development experts. Clarity, precision and consistency in communication, immediate escalation of critical issues and concerns, collective and proper risk assessment and mitigation plans, periodic meetings and web based video and audio conferences are some of the methods practiced to ensure an effective teamwork.

Outsourcing to ESolutions24x7 benefits our customers by way of saving several thousands of dollars per annum on the overall software development, in addition to reducing the overall time by several times. Its ready-to-use state-of-the-art software development facility is a huge time saver for the outsourcing companies.

ESolutions24x7 is always focused on creating value for its customers. We bring right technologies for our customers so that they benefit in terms of cost and time-to-deploy. The enterprise customers are looking for application roll-outs with following benefits:

  • 100% custom-fit application with no redundant features
  • Process model based and not code-based development
  • Take less time than code based development
  • Less expensive than standard packaged implementation
  • No vendor dependency for application enhancements
  • Demand minimum hardware and software requirements
  • The above mentioned benefits are easy to achieve if the application roll-outs are based on Business Process Management (BPM) Technology frameworks

ESolutions24x7 leverages Agile Labs BPM technology for developing enterprise applications that automate matured processes that are normally addressed by standard Enterprise Solutions such as ERP or CRM as well as flexible-first-time processes that are normally addressed by pure-play ‘BPM’ packages or traditional code-based application developments.

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